Tocllaraju – NW Ridge (Attempt)

Phil Crampton, Percy Dextre, Evan Richardson and I made an attempt to climb Tocllaraju (6032m) on July 10th, 2018.  We hit the trail from Ishinca base camp at 11:45pm, moving well and eagerly looking forward to the climb.  Snowflakes started wafting down on the approach and the precipitation increased as we got higher.  Finally, we reached Moraine Camp (5080m) at 1:45am and made the call to descend in worsening conditions.  A painstaking descent down ice-covered rocks brought us back to BC by 3:45am.  I think that our quick time to Moraine Camp in poor conditions indicates that it could be done even faster in good conditions with a light pack. There is no reason to use a high camp for this peak.  Go fast, light, and feeling right.

A nice view of the mighty Tocllaraju (6032m), taken on a rest day hike.
The NW Ridge, our intended route, follows the left hand skyline.  

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