Aasgard Sentinel – Acid Baby (III 5.10+)

Kyle Tarry and I climbed Acid Baby on July 30th, 2022. It was hot and the mosquitos were out in force, but the quality of this route made up for all of that and then some! This may be the best rock climb I’ve ever done, not that I’m much of a rock climber. Kyle led the crux pitches with style, I only led two 5.9 pitches. Otherwise, there’s not much to tell, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Aasgard Sentinel, AKA Spineless Prow/Jaberwocky Tower. Acid Baby climbs the cleanest rock to the pointy summit ridge.
Kyle getting us started on pitch one.
Pitch two, a 5.10+ wide crack system in a corner. Amazing, steep, and stout!
Kyle arriving at the belay stance atop pitch two. Photo: John Gassel
Kyle hiking the 5.8+ fist crack on pitch four.
The 5.10+ “V” slot pitch, insecure and a little crumbly. I thought this was the crux of the climb.
Following pitch 6, 5.10. Photo: Kyle Tarry
Kyle traversing the sharp and exposed ridge crest on the final pitch. Thrilling!
Belaying Kyle to the tippy top of Aasgard Sentinel. Photo: John Gassel

Gear Notes

A double rack from .2-3 with a single 4 and a heavy set of offset nuts from very small and up was perfect for us. Some will get by just fine without a 4. A 60m rope works perfectly for this route.

Strategy Notes

The route stays in the shade until mid day – great for a heat wave like we’ve been having!

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